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Welcome to Pac Corp

"The Missing Piece of Your Business' Success"

Expense Categories We Specialise In;

  • Energy
  • Telecommunications
  • Document Storage & Records Management
  • Waste Management
  • Printing & Marketing Material
  • Facilities Supplies 
  • Health Consumables
  • Corporate Travel
  • Office Products
  • Work Wear
  • Sustainability & Carbon Reduction
  • Managed Print Solutions
  • Transportation
  • Security Services
  • Commercial Cleaning


Pac Corp is a specialist consultancy firm, partnering with companies looking to find that missing piece of their business’ success.  Each company has their own core business, whether that is providing legal services or accountancy services, aviation, building or construction, the list goes on.  Your core business is what you do best.  


Although your Financial Controller or CFO may slowly work through projects aimed at reducing your non-core costs and creating greater efficiencies, they probably have larger projects to work through.  Do you really have time to assess all expenses thoroughly?  


Or as a Finance Manager you simply see sense in utilising our team as we have category industry experts and you want an independent evaluation.  Not to mention our buying strength in most situations is larger than our customers.


You may even have a Procurement department; however you may choose to use our services because they do not have time to work through all cost categories.  Maybe there are some bigger fish to fry or you need some extra expertise.


This is where Pac Corp comes in, a consultant who works one-on-one with your business will generally undertake the following:









Pac Corp has the expertise, time, relevant industry contacts and knowledge to take all the guess work and stress out of your next cost project. Most CFO’s, Financial Controllers, Finance Managers, Operation or Office Managers are too time poor to be able to review all expenses properly.