About Us

Established in 2002, to assist businesses achieve efficiencies and consolidation in mergers and acquisitions.  In today’s economic climate,

Pac Corp more than ever is a valuable partner to many organisations. 


We work amongst all sectors and industries, reducing overheads within selected expense categories.   Pac Corp has extensive capabilities throughout Australia, with networks extending globally. 


Pac Corp concentrates on minimising both direct and administrative costs to your business.  Why pay more?  Save your business time and money.  Focus your company’s resources on your company’s core activities.

Aggregate your needs and increase your buying power. 


Pac Corp has the experience, networks and relationships to save your business money.  Let us analyse your supply overheads.  Let us submit an analytical report that benchmarks your business expenses. 


Pac Corp specialises in cost modelling different alternatives so your business can make informed decisions to minimise expenditure and manage risks.  We can either provide your business with options or propose solutions that significantly reduce your overheads or work with your incumbent supplier to improve current service offering.


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