Office Products

Pac Corp has a proven track record saving companies’ time and money with this cost category.  There may be rebates available depending on your level of usage and spend.  Have you seen how many stationery lines your company orders?  This is an area that can be tedious to ensure compliance from both suppliers and buyers.  We can advise on consolidating these product lines and negotiate competitive rates through our tender process.  We have the ability to negotiate an improved arrangement and then implement these changes across your business with minimal disruption.  Part of this exercise is to undertake continual auditing to ensure customer agreements are adhered to.


“I was impressed with their customer service; Joel in particular provided a great service to us even though we are at the smaller scale of companies that they do business with.”

-          AEC Group

“Joel’s conduct in dealing with our existing provider and the tendering suppliers was professional at all times, therefore minimising any negative effects from the process and the resulting change of provider.”

Michael Hill Jewellers