Sustainability & Carbon Reduction

All businesses in Australia are aware of the growing trends moving towards being a more sustainable business.  This is not just moving toward carbon reduction for environmental or marketing reasons but also for possible profit benefits you may not realise exist.


Pac Corp is in a business partnership with one of Australia’s most reliable carbon management businesses the Carbon Reduction Institute.  This means that Pac Corp has access and can provide your business with the ‘NoCO2 Certification Program’, which is the most recognisable climate change certification for organisations.  The program offers solutions for business and industry including low carbon or carbon neutral products and services.


By certifying under the NoCO2 Program, you are eligible to become a part of the Low Carbon Economy Directory.  You can promote your business to other businesses as well as to the public.


  This online directory caters for consumers and organisations in search of lower climate impact goods and services.  You can also use the Low Carbon Economy Directory in finding services for your own company.  By adjusting your supply chain to carbon neutral businesses, you can have a significant impact on reducing your own carbon footprint.


Carbon accounting experts, engineers and communications specialists all work together with Pac Corp to assist your business to achieve a more sustainable office for environmental, marketing and cost benefits.  



Energy Efficiency measures are a crucial step in reducing emissions as many options are already cost effective in the current economy and present a zero loss.  Pac Corp can walk your business through, and help your company understand the many grants, subsidies and rebate schemes available to you to reduce your energy consumption.  Reducing your energy consumption not only makes your business more environmentally responsible but cuts your electricity costs.


We enable businesses to accurately calculate their greenhouse gas emissions, provide practical advice on reducing these emissions and facilitate the offsetting of remaining carbon emissions.   We start with calculating the carbon footprint for your business.  This includes CO2 generated from electricity, fuel, waste, staff travel and the products and services you use.  Once this data is collected, we provide you with your carbon footprint and then recalculate annually from your chart of accounts.

Taking action through the NoCO2 program allows you to join thought-leading companies in generating a low carbon economy.


NoCO2 offers 2 levels of certification for business - NoCO2 (100% Carbon Neutral) or LowCO2 (Lowered emissions by a specific %).  The program also enables specific products to be certified as "Carbon Neutral".


Carbon Neutral Certification is a win / win! Your business is seen as environmentally responsible and attracts the attention of environmentally conscious buyers, while negating your impact on the environment.


With rising energy costs, there is an ever increasing pressure on the bottom line of businesses directly impacting the profitability and in some cases the viability of Australian based organisations. For this reason Pac Corp works closely with Eutility’s energy efficiency engineers to deliver real energy reductions and associated cost savings. Eutility is a highly experienced energy management company and the combined experience of their energy efficiency team includes helping hundreds of organisations identify and implement initiatives. This experience spans over industries including manufacturing, commercial office buildings, industrial, retail, multi-residential, agriculture, horticulture, aged care and many more. The services available range from a basic desktop audit that involves telephone interviews with key management and operational staff, through to detailed site audits including comprehensive equipment inspection, data logging, operational analysis and feasibility assessments.


One aspect of electricity bills that has been steadily creeping up is the demand charge component, this can range from 20% to over 50% of the entire invoice amount dependent upon your usage profile. The majority of clients will get charged a fixed cost per unit of peak demand (kW or kVA) for the highest electrical demand hit each month, these charges have been increasing year on year and are forecast to increase a further 10-30% next financial year. Therefore it is critical to understand when your peak demand takes place and what equipment causes it so that you can minimise costs by staggering machine start up times or implement more efficient equipment including power factor correction.


Through the services offered, all cost benefit analyses have incentive programs highlighted and explained to demonstrate how your company can benefit most effectively from government and other incentive programs. These range from Small Technology Credits (STCs) from installing renewable energy systems, through to electrical distribution companies offering grants to reduce peak demand within their network area such as Energex.


Pac Corp has a strategic alliance partnership with an organisation that has more than thirty years or experience in the energy and telecommunications industry within sustainability and cost management.